international broker

Potter Brokers Ltd. is a member of WBN, UNIBA and unisonBrokers - three large world-wide broker networks,
covering most part of the world's insurance markets.

Potter Brokers is a Hungarian-owned insurance brokerage, which is in contractual relation with all significant Hungarian composite Insurers and has access to international insurance markets through its global partnerships.

Potter Brokers Ltd. is the exclusive Hungarian representative of WBN (Worldwide Broker Network), the world's largest network of privately-owned broker companies. WBN was formed in 1989, and today it works with more than 10000 employees in 100 countries. By the total volume of the members' annual revenue it would be considered as the 6th largest insurance broker of the world. WBN is present in Europe, North Central and South America, Africa, the Far East and Australia.

UNIBA was formed in 1987, since then it has become one of the largest independent network offering risk-management solutions. The association has access to all the most significant insurance markets (including Lloyds) through its members. UNIBA offers tailor-made risk-management solutions for multinational and local clients by over 4500 practised insurance experts, working in more than 300 offices, 110 countries world-wide.

unisonBrokers was founded in 2005, since then it has become an international network of more than 300 insurance brokers in all significant regions worldwide. More than 30 years of experience in international business both as insurer and broker have made this visionary service possible, from which the members of unisonBrokers have already benefited for a decade:
a global network for the international insurance management, whose special services and solutions are for members only. In this way, unisonBrokers enables its network partners to extent their own services with their customary quality to every country around the world. As an independent specialist unisonBrokers is exactly the right partner for brokers and companies alike. Interested industrial customers can choose a member from the unisonBrokers network for direct cooperation. Should there be an existing cooperation with another broker, unisonBrokers will look into its inclusion in the network.

For a Hungarian insurance broker it is gaining more and more importance to have the right international market relations. For the benefit of our Clients, we can utilize the following advantages of this membership:

  • better bargaining position towards Hungarian insurers,
  • access to international markets when local cover is not available or when the capacity of local insurers is insufficient
  • up-to-date information on international market developments
  • co-operation with specialist brokers,
  • access to the knowledge and experience of insurance experts around the world
  • uniform and cost-efficient international programs for Clients operating in more than one country

These facts clearly prove, that our company's activity on the international scale, broadening our international relations ensure keeping the quality of our service at the highest possible level in respect of our Clients.